Construction and Development

Whether constructing, funding or neighbouring a development project, it is highly likely that there will be complex issues to address. There is also likely to be a whole host of other stakeholders, each with their own particular interests and agenda, to take consider. Regardless of your relationship is to the construction work our expertise in a range of services will help to protect your interests before, during, or even after a construction or development project

Project management

Project management incorporates planning, coordination and control of a project from inception to completion. We have the relevant skills, experience and resources necessary to deliver projects within the allocated cost, within the designated time constraints and throughout ensuring quality standards.

Development monitoring

Development monitoring can be undertaken on behalf of funders, owners and potential occupiers of property. This allows an avenue of input to those who, under the common forms of building contract, often find themselves having no channel through which to raise their concerns over issues concerning specification compliance, quality, cost and programming of a development. This avenue is vital for them in order to ensure that the development work is properly executed. They will have a far greater exposure to risk than the developer or his professional team whose interest will typically come to an end when the building is completed, sold on or let. Ultimately the development monitoring process is about ensuring that the end product meets with expectations.

Rights of Light

Rights of Light & Daylight can be affected by the development of neighbouring buildings or land as the development may block some of the light that an occupier or owner previously enjoyed in their building. Whether or not that it leads to an actionable Rights of Light injury or planning permission may be refused on the grounds of daylight and sunlight being adversely affected, is a highly technical and often legally complex question. Whether you are a developer or a neighbouring owner, we can offer a specialist, comprehensive service to meet your specific requirements.

Party walls issues

Party walls and neighbourly issues are predominantly governed by the Party Wall etc. Act 1996. Developing a site or owning property next to a planned development, whether refurbishment, new build or a combination of both, the Act will probably affect you. We work on behalf of either building owners or adjoining owners and carefully manage this complex area. We are able to focus on the unique requirements of each client.

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